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cyclonic action with the 600 w of power and the 10 rpm the blender this moving and all around. now we will stop. that is fantastic. now we will pour through the colander to see what is left over. these entire premise is that wec13 liquefy the food. watch what happens. >>host: the top half and pour it into here. i see some chunks. >>guest: swirl it around and see what you can do >>host: i am swirling. even the color is different david. >>guest: i have the liquid and all the way through. alyce caron has so much pulp leftover it will not go through the colander. you can sleeve that sitting there. -- leave that.she will be here for 10 minutes doing that. >>host: do you see the problem here? >>guest: through without any residue >>host: you want this to be liquified so nobody can use this quicker and faster and a taste better. you do not want that bad texture >>guest: that is horrible. we what a liquefied that will taste good, but there will be no bill pink the pulpit -- no gulping the pulp. we can make a different beverage for women and men because we are different and when you
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1